I've been thinking about bullying bosses recently since learning from one of my oldest friends that she'd been bullied by her General Counsel and had left her, otherwise very rewarding, job as a result.

It's shocking that this is still going on midway through the second decade of the 21st Century when every half-decent business has a strong anti-bullying policy.

Digging into some of the online material on workplace bullying, I found this useful article recent Guardian article that's well worth reading if you're experiencing a bully boss at work.

I also came across the idea that the bully might be unaware he or she is a bully. That surprised me but it surely makes sense that few people decide "I'll be a bully". A Californian article states "If you are a boss here is a quick checklist to test your ‘bully factor’. If you suspect your boss of being a bully you can rate them with this checklist and then decide how you will deal with it" - see this at http://www.businessinmotion.ca/bully_alert.html. Worth a look