Joe Patrice floats the idea that BigLaw isn't wholly to blame for its low levels of diversity, citing the exit of lawyers from a diverse background to in-house roles. He rightly points out that BigLaw needs to ask itself why this happens. From my experience here in the UK, I experienced feeling very unwelcome in BigLaw and wondered why they had recruited me if they didn't want the likes of me. If you recruit a state school educated non-Oxbridge female from a not very prosperous background, then accept her for what she is, please, and make her welcome. I guess political correctness would mean that this particular experience wouldn't happen now but I recall a senior associate making partner and he took the male associates out to a strip club as his celebration! That, amongst other things, did rather send a message that BigLaw wasn't for me. I moved in-house shortly after that and found it a more amenable environment.