I read this piece by Katie Brooks with interest. In it she cites a range of academic papers that explain the "double bind" that women in the workplace experience. If you act in a stereotypical feminine way, you'll likely be seen as soft and so unsuitable for high positions. If you act assertively to get ahead in business, you'll likely be disliked. This explains a lot. I've seen many senior women heavily criticised and perceived in a negative light. I've not understood why but this piece is illuminating.

Depressing too, I might add. It seems very much a "you're dammed if you do, dammed if you don't" situation. To alleviate this, I have to remind myself that much has improved since 1985 when I qualified as a solicitor. We do focus hugely on the problems, rightly so often, but let us also take heart from progress in those 30 years. Women, BME people, LGBT people and disabled people are all in a better place in society than those "bad old days".