Fascinating discussion with@MuradAhmedand@erikbrynon how AI and robotics will impact the#FutureofWork


A tidal wave of technological change is coming that will change the way we work and bring huge disruption.  These are the views of Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, director of MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy.

We have moved from machines which are completely programmed by people to assist them (the Industrial revolution, complementing our muscles), to machines assisting our minds.  They learn what to do on their own, teaching themselves.   

Humans still have advantages in emotional skills - like coaching, motivating people, creativity.  Although millions of jobs will be affected, developing your skill base so that you focus on the what humans are better than, than machines will help you survive.  The future of the workforce is in the hands of entrepreneurs to come up with the new jobs and uses for humans.  We need to change our education system to focus on our interpersonal skills.

What do we humans do best?