This is an interesting article on how law firms look at outsourcing/insourcing services, not just basic infrastructure, but actual legal services to deal with their peeks/troughs. There should be better collaboration between NewLaw and BigLaw. There is space for both in the legal marketplace.  One buyer of legal services recently told me that they rarely pay BigLaw firms on their panel for general commercial work or even secondments, but these firms offer these services more as a value-add in exchange for their more complex regulatory/litigation work. 

If this really is the case, maybe BigLaw should consider outsourcing such general commercial/secondee work to NewLaw firms they might like to collaborate with, so that they do not have to sit on such large overheads.  As with any outsourcing arrangement, key to its success would be engaging a partner with the right skill set and quality control to ensure that the end clients are serviced to a high standard.