This is a great blog by David Wheeler of Verizon.  There are many interesting comments, but the part I have highlighted relates to technology.  We are seeing greater use of automation within in-house teams.  In this case, Verizon has implemented AI over a period of 6 years, which has reduced its team of contract lawyers from hundreds to a handful.  In addition, Verizon has also changed how it resources legal services; from agencies to an online matching/bidding platform which provides direct access to lawyers. These are revolutionary changes for an in-house team.  

In-house teams have grown significantly over the last 10 years and although they are likely to continue to increase, such growth is not sustainable.  We are working with in-house teams to help them consider how technology and working with different legal services providers can benefit their teams; not least because it can reduce costs and increases efficiencies, but it also ensures their legal team are spending time on the right projects, at the right level and adding genuine value to their businesses.