This is a really interesting article, and one which is brave enough to make predictions about how in-house lawyers will be working in 2020. It's the third in a series by Mary Juetten about legal technology and all are well worth reading.

So, if this is where we are going to be in 5 years time it begs the question where should we be now? 

For busy in-house counsel it is a huge challenge to keep abreast of relevant technological developments and to identify which of the many solutions on offer might be of value to the business. However it is a vital one for these projects can often take several years to plan, scope, select and implement and no business can afford to get left behind.

Most of the developments discussed in the article, such as automated contract management systems, are with us already and many companies have implemented their own solutions or are, at least, engaged in the process in one way or another. Those who haven't should probably be considering it. 

It's an exciting future and it needs to start now.