How do you know if a flexible career path is a good fit for someone when you first meet them?

It starts with understanding someone’s confidence in who they are and what they do, and then looking at how that fits with their personal goals. If someone’s primary need is the security of knowing exactly what each month ahead will look like, they probably aren’t a good candidate for this career path. The reality is, today, there is no more security in a permanent role than there is in this approach to work.


What kind of coaching do you provide in the early stages of the process?

I help people think about the kind of work they really want to be doing. The types of clients and projects that interest them and match what is important to them personally. When you ask someone what their ideal situation looks like, it is fascinating because the answer is different for every individual. Once you get people thinking beyond the limitations of what they’ve done in the past and focusing on their ambitions, the conversation becomes much more interesting. You’re able to help them map out what their ideal life and career looks like, and we are there to coach and manage a career path along with them. This is where I find my joy.


What are some of the intangibles you look for in a candidate?

We need people who are adaptive, can hit the ground running, and fit into teams easily. This isn’t for everyone. You need EQ skills just as much as you need keen legal skills. For individuals who are earlier in their careers, we are able to match them with opportunities that help them build these traits.


What changes are you seeing in the market?

There is growing demand to be able to offer these kinds of flexible career paths. In the UK, you already see different law firms creating flexible resourcing arms. This is where Elevate is stepping in and collaborating directly with law firms, putting our expertise and resources to work for them. It is important to develop these paths because people want them, but they also make business sense. We only see it growing—and we are seeing it grow internationally.


What does being a part of Elevate mean for you personally?

Having started a business in this field (Halebury), joining with Elevate is exciting because it is an opportunity to take what we’ve built to the next level. We can serve more audiences, whether it is a law firm creating flexible careers for their alumni all the way to shaping unique opportunities for paralegals and legal ops professionals. And it is a way to become truly global.

I think we’re building something unique in the marketplace. We’re not a recruitment agency. We’re a family of lawyers and legal professionals across the globe who want to work this way. Because of the holistic approach we take in looking after candidates—from junior through senior professionals—we are able to build the best teams for our customers while also creating amazing careers for our talent.