Our Comprehensive COVID-19 Capabilities

As we were putting together our multi-disciplinary response team and package of available services in the face of the rapidly escalating COVID-19 crisis, we contemplated not publicizing it, for fear it might seem like we were trying to take advantage of the situation. But then customers kept asking, and we realized that there is no shame in talking about something we love – helping. So here it is. Not only can we help, but we would be honored to do so.

Very few law departments and law firms will be spared the issues arising out of the current situation. Because ElevateNext is affiliated with the 1,200-person strong global law company, Elevate, the services we can provide go far beyond those that traditional law firms can offer. Our global team can scale quickly to put your law department or law firm in the best position possible to weather this storm.

As always, our services can be billed on a fixed fee basis so the costs are predictable. If you need something not on this list, just ask:

  • Rapid contract clause extraction (force majeure, frustration of purpose) using AI technology
  • Legal analysis and advice on risk mitigation to successfully invoke or defend contract cancellations
  • Contract re-negotiations, dispute resolution efforts, and handling litigation
  • E-mail and/or Call Center inquiry support teams and issue triaging (onsite or off)
  • Flexible resource staffing to supplement law department and law firm needs (onsite or off)

Contact Nicole or Pat to learn more about what law departments and law firms are doing to effectively navigate this crisis.