Strategic Sustainability encompasses everything we do at Elevate. We aim to ensure our Economic, Social, and Environmental activities make an enduring, positive difference to our people, our communities, and the world around us.

While we have always tried to design, build, and run a sustainable business that is a force for good, until recently, our approach was not globally coordinated or formally documented. As our company has grown, so has our ability to make an impact. We endeavor to contribute positively and identify ways to amplify our efforts.

In early 2020 we embarked on a formal Strategic Sustainability program to weave all our initiatives and activities together.

We have made significant progress in the past few months. We carried out a company-wide discovery exercise across all functions, business units, and geographies to understand our current state of each aspect: Economic, Social, and Environmental. We have received resounding support from our people, executive team, and board and begun documenting our activities and setting goals; identifying gaps, and working on closing them.

Our Ten Strategic Sustainability Drivers are:

1. Human Capital 

Success depends on the expertise, passion, and wellbeing of our people

2. Customer Engagement

Delight customers with delivery today and prepare to serve their needs tomorrow

3. Equitability and Inclusion 

Business benefits as a result of the different experiences, beliefs, and points of view of a diverse workforce

4. Human Rights 

Respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of our fellow humans to peacefully live their lives securely and contribute their gifts to society

5. Business Ethics

Belief in the rule of law and support the institutions which uphold it. Do not tolerate corrupt or unethical behavior

6. Community

Give back to the communities where we live and operate

7. Information Security 

Protect the privacy, confidentiality, and security of information entrusted to 

8. Corporate Governance

Commit to the proper people, bodies, protocols, planning, and controls to ensure disclosure and transparency to regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders

9. Leadership 

Leadership is a responsibility–we must lead by example

10. Resource Efficiency and Waste Management 

Our resources are finite and we should leave our workplace, our community, and our world in a better state than when we started

We have made a start. Elevate is proud to have signed the UN Global Compact to underline our commitment to Strategic Sustainability.

We also have a lot of work ahead. We are currently preparing our initial Strategic Sustainability report, which will be made available in the coming months.

Thank you for your interest and support!