I know I speak for my partner Patrick Lamb and our extended team l when I say that we are thrilled that ElevateNext has been named as one of the top law firms at developing and implementing alternative fee arrangements (AFAs).  When we first started using AFAs in 2008, it would have been a miracle to find two other like-minded firms doing so, let alone the 70 featured in BTI Consulting's list. Not only does this give us the warm fuzzy feelings that come when hard work is recognized, but it reaffirms that our leap of faith and efforts to move the legal industry in a new direction were well worth it.

That this honor has followed us to ElevateNext is even more meaningful. ElevateNext is our second effort at moving the legal industry towards our vision of what the Next Normal should be – practice of law expertise coupled with the capabilities and scale of a global law company like Elevate. AFAs are not only in our blood, but for the reasons set out in Michael Rynowecer ("the Mad Clientist")'s article, we believe they should be in the blood of all those serving clients. True alignment, shared risk, budget certainty, and total trust. 

We are grateful for the recognition and humbled to be in the presence of so many legal powerhouses.