The Elevate.Together.Podcast. has launched. Each 20-minute weekly episode is an interview-style podcast with thought leaders from law departments, law firms, and law companies.  Our first two episodes are highlighted below. This launch is BIG for me. Anyone reading this post who is a regular listener of podcasts likely shares my excitement – more on that shortly. 

Since I work for Elevate, let's start with data (from Edison Research):

  • 67% of listeners find podcast content useful
  • 61% of podcast listeners report sharing content they heard on a podcast with friends and colleagues 
  • 88% of podcast listeners, listen to most or all of the episodes in a podcast series
  • 32% of Americans listen to podcasts once a week
    • As do 28% of Europeans 
    • 13% of the UK population 
    • And 12% of the Australian population
  • Most podcast listeners are millennials, high earners, and have post-graduate-level education

Today, 65% of podcast listeners do so on a mobile device. The podcast players installed on mobile devices allow podcasts to be played at different speeds and downloaded for offline listening. Podcasts are perfect for ‘body busy - mind free’ activities like exercising and driving; most podcasts don’t include video, eliminating the need to look at a device. 

I know first-hand how captivating podcasts can be. I listen to a particular podcast – two days a week. The host is famous, and although I don’t know him personally, I have gotten to know a lot about him, his parents, brother, friends, neighbors, current pet, and deceased pets. I know what he’s been doing during COVID, that he had three negative tests, that his favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup mixed with Vanilla (OK, this is scary).  

If you are a podcast listener or know one, you’ve heard about this familiarity before. As a podcaster, I experienced it first-hand: the man at LegalWeek who said a bit too loudly, “Hey, you’re LeftFoot!" A woman at CLOC who touched my arm and said, "I loved Episode 109." And the immediate connection made when meeting episode guests for the first time in person.

These interactions are the result of a documented phenomenon called “earbud intimacy.” Earbuds offer a direct path into the mind of the listener, and podcasts, more than music, trigger an intimacy effect caused by vocal inflection. A particular human voice and its relationship to our auditory system create familiarity when heard regularly – think of a newborn bonding with their parents.

With the advent of texting and other technology-based communication, we talk less on the phone, and due to COVID, we talk less frequently in person. Today, more than ever, we crave the human voice personally and even more so professionally. It is with pleasure that we’re offering the Elevate.Together.Podcast. to help fill this void with Voices of Change in the Business of Law.  

New to Podcasts?   

Q: How do I get access to the Elevate.Together.Podcast.?

A: We’re on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and

Q: What does it cost to listen?

A: Podcasts, including the Elevate.Together.Podcast. are free to listeners.

Q: I've never downloaded a podcast. How do I do it?

A: A podcast app comes standard on iPhones as well as other mobile and smart media devices.

Q: Do you have step-by-step instructions?

A:  You can download how-to instructions for your platform of choice. Here are the instructions for Apple Podcasts. 

Q: How can we support the Elevate.Together.Podcast.?

A: Become a subscriber (also free), and each Tuesday, a new episode will be in your podcast feed. Share the podcast with colleagues and professional networks. If you like what you hear – a 5-star review on your listening platform of choice would be very welcome.