Elevate Marketing Manager Tom Hershenson speaks with ElevateFlex Engagement Manager Erica Hayward about her journey from litigation to the legal talent acquisition and placement field.

How would you describe your role at ElevateFlex?

I’m essentially a liaison between our customers and the legal talent we provide them.  I work with customers to figure out what their needs are, then, I figure out how we can help them.

You began your career as a litigation attorney. What was your path to that field?

I’ve always gotten a lot of satisfaction from problem-solving. On the first day at law school, the dean told us that the law is the rare profession where you get to be a true problem solver. That led me to litigation, which is about solving problems, whether through mediation, settlement, or litigation.

At some point, you decided to redirect your career from practicing law to talent acquisition for the legal field. What spurred that transition?

My thinking evolved.  Litigation is adversarial and expensive, and there’s no certainty of a favorable result. I began thinking, what are other ways I can help a client?

Is there a “secret sauce” to talent acquisition and placement?

I’ve learned that a resume doesn’t tell the full story. Using my legal background, I can spot when something on a resume may indicate broader skills and experience. There’s no substitute for having a conversation with a candidate to delve deeper.

How are you finding working at Elevate?

It’s exciting to be at a company with a global perspective and colleagues around the world.  I also like that Elevate and ElevateFlex offer a full suite of solutions. Customers don’t necessarily come to you with just one problem – or, they may think they have a single problem, but once you look at it from all sides, you see that there’s also a technology aspect, or process improvement, or another issue beyond the need for flex resources. We can problem-solve beyond just the resourcing piece. I think that sets us apart.