In the consumer law arena, Chicago based Upsolve has become the #1 free bankruptcy tool in the country. In November, Time magazine named it one of the 100 best inventions for 2020. Upsolve provides an online mechanism that helps individuals prepare and file a consumer bankruptcy petition without having to hire an attorney, thus making the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process available to thousands of people who otherwise would be unable to obtain needed relief from their debts.

Historically, individuals who seek bankruptcy protection without hiring a lawyer usually fail to complete the complex process. Upsolve corrects that - using the data collected through the filing process to identify the barriers to success and use strategies rooted in behavioral economics to assist its customers successfully navigate their bankruptcy case. Through its innovative methods, sophisticated use of data, and judicious involvement of licensed attorneys, Upsolve helps its customers achieve success rates equal to those for filers who hire attorneys. Upsolve's CEO, Rohan Pavuluri, isn't an attorney; he's a Harvard trained statistician. Upsolve combines data scientists, mathematicians, and, yes, lawyers to design and run its systems.

The pro se bankruptcy filer is just one example of a common problem in today's legal system. Whether it's a consumer issue like obtaining debt relief or a business issue like managing a nationwide defensive litigation portfolio, just hiring trained attorneys to provide the needed amount of legal decision-making becomes cost-prohibitive. But, as Upsolve shows, when you have a high volume of activity, it is possible to use digital systems to capture the data needed to assist and guide legal decision making. This lets your legal talent focus on the issues that require their unique knowledge; reducing legal costs while maintaining quality.