An irony of many new technologies is that their usefulness depends on more than just what they can do. For technology to provide maximum benefit, it must be readily usable. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a case in point.

AI has become quite the buzzword in an array of industries, including legal. AI promises to make jobs easier and workers more efficient. But too often, AI products are cumbersome and difficult to use. If lawyers and others in the legal industry are to embrace AI and integrate its use into their day-to-day activities, it needs to be user-friendly.

That’s precisely the focus of Elevate’s newest release of Analyse Documents.  Analyse Documents is an Elevate ELM software module that searches, extracts, and displays legal data found among the large quantity and many different types of documents generated in law departments and law firms every day. It combines the power of AI technology with a user-friendly interface.

Previously, when one searched terminology and phrases for extraction, the results came back as unformatted, plain-text documents without visual elements like bold or underlined section and subsection headings or indented margins for block text within subsections of contractual clauses. Yes, you could locate the data you were looking for, but the visual reference points for that information was gone. The new release of Analyse Documents maintains the original documents’ formatting when showing you where your content lives and does so without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

This release of Analyse Documents also includes improvements to the notation functionality, making it easier to see notes that users have created.

Another significant improvement is conceptual search. A simple search only looks for exact matches of the characters that you type into a search bar. A conceptual search is a smart search feature that allows users to find what they are looking for without knowing the exact term or phrase. Another way to think about it is that a conceptual search retrieves the ideas you are searching for. Use words that convey the idea that you want to find, and results will appear.

Lawyers know the value of a more sophisticated search method and how important it is to search beyond the one or two verbatim keywords or phrases you may know. There are major and minor differences in every type of legal document – even within the world of standard contracts. Conceptual search helps to ensure that your search results are finding all relevant terms and phrases.

With its preservation of document format, its user notation features, and conceptual search, Analyse Documents harnesses the power of AI while providing user-friendly features. To learn more about the enhancements to this release of Analyse Documents, all its other capabilities, the module, and the entire Elevate ELM platform, visit or click here for the latest user guide.