It’s an exciting time. In celebration of our first ten years at Elevate, we’re launching our refreshed brand. We updated our brand to reflect our expert-led, technology-powered, modern, vibrant, professional, and collaborative approach.  

As of today, our email signature blocks and social media platforms will reflect our refreshed logo. Our simplified logo symbolises our vision of a world where legal and business teams achieve incredible outcomes together.

Next month, we’ll launch our rebranded and expanded website, including fully refreshed messaging focused on ‘jobs to be done’ – precisely what our customers are looking to achieve. Our new site and this content will provide a resource for customers and prospective customers and will feature impact videos, podcasts, case studies, infographics, Expert content, and opinions. 

Ten years ago, we chose the name Elevate. Today, and every day for the last ten years, that name has communicated our desire to help our customers improve their operations. Elevate has a unique business proposition in a rapidly growing legal services market. We are optimistic about the future of Elevate, and our refreshed brand reflects this optimism.