As companies reevaluate their work-from-home policies, many will require employees to return to the office.  The nature and timing of the return will vary, but in all cases, it will mean a loss of flexibility. 

But isn't this a return to the way things used to be? These 18 months have given all of us perspective. We and our expectations have evolved, and a return to the "old normal" will be a significant change, and change is a catalyst for people to reevaluate what is important to them.  

…the power of dynamic face-to-face collaboration, a commute measured in yards not hours, the spark of innovation from a spontaneous meeting, or spontaneous moments with family…

For many, having now learnt to overcome the many challenges that remote working creates, the benefits it brings will be too great to give up. 

For others, the close of this difficult period may be a catalyst for yet greater change; inspiring a move from a traditional career path to something new.

Elevate has encouraged and celebrated remote working, and new ways of working, since our founding ten years ago. It’s in our DNA. We regularly provide coaching, tips, and tools both to our teams, our talent, and to our customers who are seeking the best legal talent, but who may have reservations about remote additions to their teams.

For those inspired to make a change, ElevateFlex is here to help. We aspire to be a platform for lawyers, paralegals, or legal operations professionals who are seeking a new, portfolio-style career. One which couples the depth of connection to the business found in law departments, with the variety of experience found in law firms; which provides both the freedom to choose for whom you work and for how long a placement lasts, with robust support infrastructure, benefits, and training.

Many people will welcome the return to the office; but if that’s not for you, give us a call. We’ll work with you to identify opportunities that meet your preferences and ensure alignment between you and the companies or firms with whom you choose to work.