There always seem to be frustrating aspects of technology that make a person want to scream, or at least wish for a better way to do things. To wit, according to the Association of Corporate Counsel’s 2021 Legal Technology Report for In-House Counsel, “…one of the biggest pain points in using technology is that the software applications are not connected to one another.” While we could discuss ELMs and how Elevate has solved connecting matter data giving a complete view of status, resourcing, costs, timelines, and outcomes – let’s instead talk about combining those systems for the sake of reporting. There is a pressing need for better reporting functionality; transactional systems such as billing, finance, timekeeping, etc., only have basic reporting capabilities, or their reporting functions are difficult to use.

Reporting is a function that screams for improved efficiencies. For years law departments and law firms have invested in different systems to help them with matter management, spend management and e-billing, outside counsel compliance, and timekeeper management. Combining that data for simple reports would take hours of spreadsheet time, pivot tables, and data analysts. What if you could have one system where you saw all reporting for your different legal systems?  This would allow greater efficiencies in running a legal practice or department and enable legal professionals to concentrate on practising law.

Imagine all the systems mentioned above with their reporting in one place where you can slice and dice the data amongst the different systems to get to the actionable insights – all in a user-friendly format? Spend, matters, DE&I, outside counsel, and timekeeper insights all in one place. This allows for insights that you could not discover before. Measure the performance of teams, accurately forecast future needs, and identify opportunities to contain costs.

Manage Dashboards comes with standard dashboards out of the box, so no building from scratch is required. But you aren’t stuck with only those dashboards. You can create reports and build dashboards with any combination of those insights, and as data updates in your different systems, your dashboard reports update automatically.

Knowing that you have a comprehensive view of your legal data in one location allows for confident decision-making. Manage Dashboards makes it happen - and keeps you from screaming for improved efficiencies in reporting!