IAG, an association of independent law firms from around the globe, launched a series of interactive virtual events entitled IAG Remote: Continuing the Conversation. These events cover a broad range of topics and foster connections and collaboration among IAG members throughout the year.

Stephen Allen, VP Get Sh*t Done at Elevate, led the second event Fit For Your Future. Stephen joined forces with IAG Board Member Jim Miller of Miller Shah LLP to discuss the challenges facing growing organisations while sharing insights regarding using technology and other tools to address organisational strategies in the 21st century.

The questions the discussion set out to answer include:

  1. What are clients looking for and demanding from law firms and other service providers?
  2. What are the differences between the challenges that smaller firms are facing as opposed to larger firms?
  3. How can firms successfully manage through the competitive challenges they are facing and through so-called growing pains?
  4. What are the common denominators of those firms that are succeeding and those that are failing?

You can watch the full recording here.