Last week, the legal tech industry conference Legalweek was back in person in New York City after the COVID pandemic forced the 2021 version to be virtual.  Elevate was back, too – after several years sitting out the conference, the launch of the Elevate ELM 2.0 prompted our return.

And return we did, with a commanding presence through a pre-conference AI Certification course and panels and presentations featuring Elevate personnel.  In addition, Elevate hosted attendees at the Elevate Espresso Bar and Lounge.  Providing a space for conference-goers to take a moment away from the bustle of the exhibit hall.

Our pre-event AI Certification course drew key attendees and generated strong interest for the live online versions of the course slated for April.  Slots for attendees are filling up fast; register today here.   Once the conference was underway, we announced the Elevate ELM 2.0, featuring remarks by Elevate customer Hogan Lovells. 

Elevate contributed Expert content to Legalweek, including a TED-style talk from VP of Products, Sharath Beedu, and VP of Data Science, Dan Katz, commenting on the transitioning legal technology landscape and the benefits of a legal operations platform with embedded AI.   Sharath and Dan shared the stage with Peter Geovanes, Head of Data Strategy, AI, and Analytics at Winton & Strawn.  Peter recognized the Elevate ELM 2.0 Analyse Documents and described use cases for this advanced legal software.

Next up was VP of Get Sh*t Done, Stephen Allen, who led a standing room only session on the challenges of implementing change within law firms.   Consultants Nancy Scott and Lizzie Christmas rounded out the Elevate thought leadership sessions as guest speakers on panels focused on Client Service and Advancements in Usable Legal Tech.  

Beyond the branded Elevate Espresso Bar and Lounge, Elevate signage and coffee cups were visible throughout the conference venue.  In addition to the above conference sessions, Elevate had no less than five shoutouts from speakers.   Our Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown, was recognized most often for his presence and the contribution Elevate has made to advancing the law company industry.   No one was more pleased than this CMO when five minutes into the second-day keynote, Tomek Jankowski and Zach Warren of ALM called out the Elevate Arizona ABS license as the number one event occurring today in the US legal market.  

Add several ELM 2.0 demonstrations, discussions with journalists and industry analysts, connecting with current, former, and possible future colleagues.  I’m sure many will agree, Legalweek kicked off the 2022 conference season in a most inspiring way.