It might sound strange to assess whether a CLM solution is “clean” or not, but the distinction matters. After all, the complete contract life cycle is critical to any organisation. The pre-signature process ensures proper communication, negotiations, exchanging, and tracking of drafts. The post-signature process safeguards any audits, obligations, and storage of contracts.

This makes it crucial to have a clean CLM system: reliable, simple to use, and able to evolve to meet emerging CLM needs. Many software companies provide solutions that do not meet those criteria – for example, systems with every bell and whistle you can imagine – and many features and functions that you pay for but never use. Or systems that are difficult to deploy, hard to use, or unable to meet future needs.

Manage Contracts on the Elevate ELM platform checks all the boxes of a clean solution. Need a simple layout with an easily searchable document repository? Check. What about obtaining contract insights that provide awareness of risks and obligations without digging for them? Check. Want a solution that alleviates the hassle of using Sharepoint to organise your contracts but don’t want to be overwhelmed by technology that does everything but clean your dishes? Check. Looking for a system that answers your needs today but will grow as your contracting needs do? Again, check.

The newest release of Manage Contracts software on the Elevate ELM platform accelerates contracting revenue by identifying risks, meeting obligations, and fully understanding your portfolio of contracts. Some of the latest improvements for the ELM platform release of Manage Contracts include the automatic ability to maintain parent/child relationships and all related documents (email, images, PDF, Word, etc.). The document viewer displays contracts in their native format, easily identifying extracted metadata. You can bulk upload documents and receive notifications of pending obligations.

There is much more to Manage Contracts but not so much that it’s overwhelming. If you’re interested in learning more about the cleanest CLM solution on the market, click here. And remember – when it comes to CLM, keep it clean!