When it comes to eDiscovery and data breach response, how can law firms achieve better results for their clients? That was the focus of last month’s Master’s Conference in San Francisco.

The conference opened with David Cohen of Reed Smith describing how the firm works with Gravity Stack and Elevate to accomplish document review more efficiently than when a firm tries to tackle a review by itself. David explained the role of each entity, including law firm oversight and law company execution of reviews. Each contributes specialised advice and guidance based on their domain experience. That, along with the scalability of reviews involving a law company, achieves meaningful cost savings.

Another session featured panelists from Elevate, Reed Smith, and Palo Alto Networks discussing data breach response. Megan Silverman, Director of Incident Response and Managed Review at Elevate, led a discussion with Reed Smith partner Sarah Bruno and Palo Alto Networks consulting director Preston Miller on the issues and challenges that arise at the intersection of eDiscovery and incident response. The panelists emphasised that successfully resolving data breach matters requires a collaborative approach.

The panelists elaborated on the best division of labor between the various participants in the breach response. Breach counsel brings knowledge of the client’s operations and the breach notification requirements that apply to the industries and geographies in question. The breach counsel then instructs a data mining and review provider such as Elevate on the personally identifiable information to data mine and review. In Elevate’s work in breach response, our experience and experts enable us to quickly and efficiently execute these instructions using a streamlined process, purpose-built technology, and scalable review teams.

By leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities, law firms, and law companies conducting data mining and review achieve efficiency, speed, and lower costs. These compelling benefits make a collaborative approach the obvious course to achieve the best value for clients.